Terms of Delivery

Shipping costs?

Stylish Rocks offers free shipping, anywhere in the world. 

You are responsible for the correct entry of the delivery address; Stylish Rocks is in no way responsible for packages that have been delivered to an incorrect address (which was given before shipment). In cases where Stylish Rocks requires additional information regarding a delivery address, you may be asked by Stylish Rocks to provide additional information. A delivery delay may occur if additional information regarding the delivery address is required.

Stylish Rocks will make every effort to deliver the order within the delivery time to the delivery address. If delivery is delayed, or if the order cannot be fulfilled (or can only be partially fulfilled), you will be notified as soon as possible after the order is placed.


The costs of returning an order are the responsibility of the buyer, who must prepare and ship the package. except in the case of defective products. In this case, Stylish Rocks will proceed to exchange without the need to return the product (after receipt of photos showing the product defect). For any return, it is necessary to fill in and attach the following form with the necessary information. Stylish Rocks strongly recommends to any buyer wishing to return an order to choose a secure shipping method. Returns are made at the buyer’s risk.

Upon receipt of the returned order, Stylish Rocks will contact the customer or, in the case of a refund request, will make the necessary reimbursement.

Warranty and repair:

Stylish Rocks warranty conditions apply automatically upon purchase of any product. Stylish Rocks offers lifetime warranty on its jewellery. This guarantee assures the buyer that the products meet all the conditions of use, reliability and resistance.

What is the delivery time?

Orders are sent from China. The delivery time, therefore, varies from one country to another depending on the distance between your country and China. Please note that orders shipped to addresses within the EU may be subject to customs and import duties. The buyer is responsible for the payment of these customs and import duties. We advise our customers to contact the local customs office in the country of delivery for further information.

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