Referral Program

A referral program is always a matter of benefit for the customers. Here Stylish Rocks offers a referral program to thank customers for their loyalty to our brand.

When does it work?

After ordering one of our bracelets, you will receive a unique code for 15% off for the benefit of your friends on social media or in real life.


This offer is valid for each person who uses your unique discount code for 15% off, you can select the bracelet of your choice to receive for free.


First, Buy a Stylish Rocks bracelet and receive a unique code for 15% off.

Second, share your code with your friends and family or social media followers. If someone uses the code of 15% off to buy a Stylish Rocks product.

Finally, you will receive a bracelet of your choice as a gift for totally free!

​So let’s start the collaboration with us. Be happy with our brand!!